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Thursday, May 8, 2008

MOM!! I want a dwink.....

We had a little road trip last week. A 3 hr drive, not too bad. But with kids in the back, you always have to stock up on snacks and drinks and activities for them so that they're not too bored.

As usual, drink boxes were the choice. Not just drink boxes tho. Fruit Punch drink boxes. I was so not looking forward to the mess that was going to come with that. Usually it's all about DON'T SQUEEZE that box, to which the child DOES squeeze the box and juice goes everywhere.

This time tho, we had an alternative. Something that was not going to be squeezed and let all that red fruit punch out of the box. This time, we had DWINK'S! The dwink box was a lifesaver. I didn't have to hold the drink for my youngest, I didn't have to carefully hand it to them and tell them don't squeeze the box. I didn't even have to drink some of the juice myself before it was ok to give it to them so they wouldn't get juice all over the place.

All I had to do this time, was keep the juice boxes up front with me, when the girls were thirsty, drop the juice box into the dwink box and hand it to them. The handles are great on the box, we didn't have one juice accident the entire trip there and back. Ok, well no, that's not true. I lied. We did have once juice accident. Aria decided to try out her dwink box in a way it wasn't supposed to be used by taking the juice box OUT of the dwink box, and squeezing it into the dwink box itself. Not a great idea since the dwink box has a hole in the bottom of it. Juice went EVERYWHERE! But that's my child for you, use things how they're not supposed to be used. Other than that mishap tho, the dwink box is a HUGE hit in our house.

The dwink box holds all different sizes of juice boxes and pouches which is great, it doesn't just fit a standard size juice box, it also holds the smaller sized ones, soy milk boxes, and pouches all the same. The dwink box also has a non skid bottom, comfort grip handles, it's dishwasher safe, and made in the USA.

These dwink boxes are so great they retail for $4.99 which is not bad a price at all for all the stains that you'll not have to treat. They will be a part of every road trip we go on! We've even used them in the house and they've prevented many 'spills' a usual juice box or pouch would have made.

Head over to the dwink website and order one for yourself, or find out where you can locally buy this product, its a must have for any household with young kids.

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