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Friday, May 30, 2008

Hip Kidswear with Explosive Attitudes!

I just love to find some great kids clothing with just plain funny sayings or graphics on them. Especially when they're telling the truth.

Milkbomb sells the hippest kidswear and has some of the funniest 'slogans' & 'sayings' on their shirts for boys and girls, infants and children.

Milkbomb was created by parents who wanted to show their son's individuality. They were sick of trying to keep him in all the other clothing designs that have been around forever. So began the journey of Milkbomb. Dad (Steve) started creating designs and printing them in their home and eventually launched so he could share his designs with others.

Dad's main goal with Milkbomb is to make hip, mischievous, and thoughtful designs that he'd be proud to have his son, or even himself wear. I think Steve accomplished this goal with their great, fun and witty shirts.

We were lucky enough to get a shirt of our very own for one of my daughters and I get a kick out of it, so have many strangers that have seen the shirt while we're out and about. I'm always glad to tell them where they can find their own for their little one.

Visit Milkbomb check out their snapsuits and shirts and find one that's perfect for your little one's budding personality.

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