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Monday, April 14, 2008

Wrestling On The Brain....

Today is just one of those days, I woke up with wrestling on the brain.

Perhaps its because i've been a slacker and really need to update Elijah Burke's myspace page for him before he decks me LOL. I miss that guy, can't wait to see and hear from him again, he owes me a phone call.

Lucky for me, Elijah is overseas right now, but he's written two blogs to the fans himself, so that should buy me some time. I gotta work on that today..... Elijah just celebrated his birthday on April 11th, I won't disclose how old he is, cause well, then I'd have to disclose my real age as well LOL... So Happy Birthday to Elijah!!!!! He had to spend it overseas this year, but hopefully he got to have a great time and had a great day.

May 12th Smackdown/ECW will be coming to Toledo. Now, I know that *I* will be going, that's a given, if I have to make my hubby drop me off so I can stand outside like a freak trying to get pic's and autographs, than so be it. My Mother In Law has been called and asked to come babysit for us so we can both go together, but if she can't I'll be damned if I don't go by myself. Hopefully Elijah won't be missing this house show. I'm looking so forward to it tho, its been since Summertime since i've been to a live show, and this time, hopefully, unless the draft drastically changes things, I'll get to finally see Edge again in person. It's been close to 8 or 9 years since I've met him, and when that happened, it was in a restaurant in Toronto (his home town) and I had no idea who the heck he was cause I wasn't really into wrestling back then. It will be nice to see my fellow Canadian ;)

Anyways, that's my babble about wrestling today, its on my brain, I woke up thinking about it, thoughts about the 'rumored' upcoming draft and how its going to affect me and my dealing with the how show lol.

I have some thoughts on who's going to be drafted where, and some hopeful wishes too, I'll keep those all to myself right now tho.


Rachel said...

I miss WWF, I miss The Rock, and after they changed the name, and he left I just wasn't in to it as much as I had been. I miss the good old days!

Mrs. P said...

Hey there! We're nuts for wrestling in our house too. For our oldest son's 7th birthday this week, we're taking him to a smallish WWE event here in town on Saturday. I'm hoping he likes it. Talk about a big surprise! One of our friends wrestles for NEW and is able to spend some time with the kids to encourage them on having a career in wrestling. Pretty cool beans.
Love your blog title BTW!