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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Loving It!

I'm so thankful today. The girls have nothing to do outside. No real outdoor toys, just the few small things like a trike, scooter, chalk, balls etc etc. No slide, swing set or anything like that. We plan to get them a swing set very soon. But we only have a car, no truck, and I refuse to pay shipping charges because they are crazy high.

Today, miss nosy Lyric was watching outside for the mail. The neighbors across the street were putting out their garbage, and lots of it. Lyric spotted an air hockey table. "Mommy, look! They're throwing out a hockey table, lets go get it..." Um sure Lyric. That's a big NO! It's broken, it's garbage.

Next thing I hear. "Mommy, they have a slide! It's broken though. Maybe we can fix the slide, can we go get it mommy?" Lyric, if its there its garbage and probably broken, stop being so nosy.

I get up and pass the front door where the girls are looking out. I see the slide. Its one of those clubhouse/slide combo things. Hmm. It really actually didn't look broken at all. I told Lyric that if she sees the man come out again to tell me and I'll ask him, because quite frankly I'd feel like an idiot going over across the street and looking at their garbage and dragging it back across.

So he comes out, of course Lyric screams at the top of her lungs..."MOMMY HE'S OUTSIDE AGAIN!" So, I head out, now we've never spoken to these neighbors before so this is a first for me to do something like this. I asked him if he was throwing it out and if it was broken. He told me no, it's fine, just needs to really be cleaned up, his kid didn't use it anymore and they were cleaning out the garage to make space. I asked, well the girls saw it so I thought I'd ask, do you mind if I take it off your hands? No, you can have it he said. Helped me bring it across the street into the yard. So great, I said thanks the girls are just so excited!

He told me, I think I might have so more stuff, If I have anything that goes with it or think of things they might like I'll bring it over before I throw it out. Sweet!

We just got a knock on the door a few minutes ago, he had a great big red easel. You know one of those double sided Step 2 ones. He said It just needs to be cleaned up, but if you want it you guys can have it, I think I also have 2 chairs and a table that go with it too that I'll bring over if I find it.

How great!!! What a nice guy to do that! The girls are so excited for me to clean up these things and use them, they can't wait. It's great to find things like this, and great to have such great neighbors.


Kristin said...

That is so wonderful!!! See there are recent people still!

Leslie said...

Jackpot!!! lol Glad it was a good day for you and the girls!