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Thursday, April 24, 2008

3x Thursday!!!

1. No matter what country you live in, do you think the future is bright (or gloomy) in terms of the economy? Why/why not?

I live in the USA. I'd have to say that in my opinion, the future is gloomy for our economy. At least until something drastic is done and Bush is kicked out of the White House. Even then, I think it will be a long while until the economy is repaired. It's so hard to live in this country right now with rising costs of EVERYTHING even for a middle class family. An income of $50K/year used to be considered pretty good, now, its barely making it in this world.

2. What about the current food shortage going on in the world? What are your thoughts about this?

I think its really sad that there's a food shortage, and that there's so many people (myself included) who simply have the means to just waste the food that we have. There should be a better, easier way so that people in the world aren't starving.

3. What 3 things (among others!) do you think need significant change to make the world a better place? Why?

Society, honestly society needs to either open their eyes more, or close them. There's so many things going on today that people just turn their head to, and so many things that they really need to just ignore and go on with their own lives. If it has no real effect on you, your family or this earth or the general well being of other people, Ignore it. Go on with your life.

Tying into that, people really need to be more 'green'. We need to save this earth for our children and beyond. The earth does tie into your life. It needs to be easier to be 'green', there needs to be more emphasis on being green rather than who has the most 'bling'.

Government. I think the government has too much of a say and a handle on how people live their lives, all over the world. Who's to say X person can make a decision for an entire country rather than the actual citizens of the country. I think there needs to be a change, why not get the people to voice their opinions on things rather than just the 'government'.

I think a lot of the above changes would change the world for the better.

1 comment:

Kellie said...

The middle class is literally disappearing before our eyes! We used to have a strong middle class but with the cost of everyday necessities rising and the fact that salaries are certainly not rising, really has a negative effect on where we are today.

Cute blog! :o) Have a great day!