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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bobby Lashley...

It's quite funny to me the ongoings of some of the ex-WWE wrestlers.

Take for instance Bobby Lashley. ECW Champion, he was going to be the next HUGE thing in WWE Wrestling... Until he got injured. And well, never returned.

I was a huge fan of Bobby Lashley, talked to him a few times, even got to meet him and get my pic taken at a Wrestlemania 23 event in Detroit MI. Super nice guy, soft spoken, and a great wrestler, plus a very good looking guy with a GREAT physique. I was even a moderator on his website and message board.

Bobby announced a few months back that he would not be returning to WWE and would be persuing MMA fighting. What a let down, I was all about supporting the guy etc etc until I heard about the whining he was doing about money, what he wanted to come back, I lost total respect for the guy as an athlete and wrestler. He was new in the business yet wanted all the perks and payoffs that so many other guys had to work hard for.

Anyways, apparently he's going to be an MMA fighter now. Following the likes of Brock Lesner I guess. I'm not really into MMA or UFC or any of that, I've tried, just can't get into it. I honestly can't see a huge guy like Bobby Lashley doing that well in MMA but I guess we'll see.

Also, I guess on to make more money and a new business venture, along pops Lashley Nutrition. Yes you read right. Bobby Lashley now has a website dedicated to wholesale nutritional products. Is it just me, or does that seem... Hmm... Well.... GHETTO????? I mean its one thing if you come out with your own line of products, or your a spokes person, but a wholesale online shop..... I dunno.....

I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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