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Monday, July 25, 2011

The worry of retirement and aging....

As many of our own parents creep towards retirement age, have you thought about what’s going to happen with their or even your own future? How will you help them out? What would happen if there was an emergency? Will they stay in their own home, live with you, or go into a retirement or nursing home?

We all worry, and most of our parents or even ourselves can’t rely on social security disability so what are your plans?

I’m a worrier by nature, these things flow into my head every so often. My parents are still ‘young’ and not looking at the potential of having to have elder care for some time, but living away from them, in another country(they live in Canada) it still weighs on my mind every so often. What will we do once we reach that point? Will they move in with me? Will I move back to Canada? What happens when it’s hubby’s parents? What will we do?

The questions can be many, so we all have to have a plan in place, what’s yours?

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