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Thursday, June 30, 2011

O.M.G. It's A Post!!!

It’s been a while I know. I’ve slacked off on Just Because I’m A Mom because I had a few issues over at A Wrestling Addicted Mommy and it took a while to get back on track over there.

But I’m back, back to posting here and there, sporadically. You know how I am.
It’s been busy at home too, we’re getting ready for vacation, hubby got a promotion and I’ve been using that new promotion money to SHOP SHOP SHOP! In fact, my latest shopping trip had me looking at new bags, cause a girl can never have enough. I found a super cute dereon bag that I really like, but the price just wasn’t what I wanted to pay, so, until the sale hits! I’m still looking!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer so far, see you around!

1 comment:

Farbod said...

welcome back! enjoy the vacation.