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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aunt knows best

Authored by Raymond Whitney

My aunt has been telling me for so long that I need to get online to find a nice Jewish girl. I live in LA and the options I have are more limited than you would expect! Many of the women I meet are just really superficial and don’t seem that interested in a long term commitment which is exactly what I’m looking for. I recently sprung for Clear internet through WWW.CLEARWIRELESSINTERNETSERVICE.COM and was spending a lot of time online, so I figured why not go ahead and get on Who knows what could happen! I’ve only been on for a few months now but I can’t believe how many quality girls I’ve met. I’ve got a date set up next week with a woman who I think may be “the one” but don’t tell my aunt! She’d start planning the wedding! I love being so available and out there and I really think there’s nothing wrong with dating online. I can’t wait to meet a wife and I think I’m going to do it digitally!

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