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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear cravings....I hate you!

You know what I hate… Being on a freaking diet!! OK maybe I shouldn’t call it a diet, a ‘lifestyle change’. Since being diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic, it’s been a huge struggle to eat properly and healthy especially around Easter and that time of the month…

I CRAVE carbs when I’m PMSing, carbs and chocolate, and let me kid you not, the sugar free stuff just isn’t the same! With Easter having just left, there’s a ton of chocolate and candy in the house, and it’s driving me crazy!

My girls wanted to bake, so we baked some cookies and some cupcakes. I had to hide them, but hiding them from yourself isn’t the smartest thing to do, because what did I do? I found them, just a quick walk to the kitchen and a look up top of the fridge and there I can find chocolate and vanilla cupcakes..

It’s hard, it’s VERY hard, but I’m trying to hold myself back and make the best of it… Ugh.. Are you having a hard time with willpower and all of those Easter treats around the house?

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