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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Missing the romance....

You know what I really miss?

The weekend away with my hubby. Since we got back everyone has been sick, we’ve been busy, and struggling to get our home redone and in order. I miss the fun we had away together! I’m going to have to recreate it somehow at home, even with the kids here.

Bedtime comes early for them. As soon as I feel better I think I’m going to set up our room like a weekend getaway and surprise him.

EdenFantasys can help me hook it up, with some candles, lotions, toys, and lingerie. I can have our room looking like well, not our room! We can have that romantic time together, that naughty time together, a little more quietly I might add, but we can still have OUR time together at home, I just have to make it happen!

We’ve got an abundance of sex toys, but are lacking in the sensual department. So although I have a few pieces, stocking up on some sexy lingerie isn’t a bad idea, and while we still want to have some ‘naughty fun’ we haven’t done the ‘romantic’ thing quite a lot, and I’d like to change that.

What are some ways you spice up the romance in your bedroom?

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