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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Self Defence for heat....

So I'm a dork...

We had an issue with our furnace, where it was only blowing cold air, but once in a while it would blow heat. We thought at first it may have been the thermostat, but after installing a new one MYSELF the issue continued.

I broke down yesterday to call a Heating/AC guy to come in. It took me forever to do it though, my anxiety kicks in, and I worry because hubby isn't at home to deal with it, he's at work, I have to deal with it myself. I have to make the call, I have to be here with my girls while some strange man comes into our home... It freaks me out, it makes me think of horror films, it makes me want to watch a self defense video and take some self defense training to protect myself and my girls.

I know, most places are bonded, the one I picked was, they were good with the BBB, and I know I shouldn't have to worry about crap like that, but I do! I hate having anxiety issues and thinking the worst of everything... Maybe I should take up smoking cigars or something to calm me down sometimes..

Anyways the guy came this morning, he was a super nice older man, fixed the issue, which was the burners and sensor had to be cleaned, an easy fix, a small cost and we've now got HEAT! Thankfully, he was honest, even told me last night when I called that if he came out that night he'd have to charge me time and a half, so he wanted to know if he wanted me to wait till morning or come that night, we chose to wait till morning.

The house didn't get too cold thankfully, we were all snuggled up in bed with tons of blankets nice and warm!


Women Self Defense said...

Yes it`s not nice if some strange man comes into You`r home:)

collyn23 said...

you won a award