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Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm back from a short trip...

I just spent the weekend visiting my family in Canada. It was a little trip on a whim, but I’m glad we made it up. Thankfully we’re only a 4hr drive from my parents, so it’s not a big deal just to go up for a day and then come back the next night.

We didn’t really do much up there, I bought back some old toys, and a few things of mine still at my parents. It seems every time we go up I come back with something from my childhood. That includes Christmas items that I swipe from my mom LOL… Maybe I need to start sending her some personalized note cards to say thanks for all the items

I seem to swipe while I’m up there to bring back to my house….
What can I say, certain things bring back some good memories and I want to keep them, lol..

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