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Thursday, November 18, 2010

How'd that work out for you?

With all the amazing reviews I’m sure you see and read daily on numerous review blogs mine included, do you ever wonder about a particular product and how it’s held up over time? I’ve often thought about going back and writing new posts about past products, but honestly, it’s so time consuming and with the newer products coming in all the time, I would be hard pressed to do a full post about products on a regular basis.

However, Lee a fellow blogger who normally blogs at My Sentiment Exactlee recently launched a new consumer opinion site called which is aimed to helping and education consumers on how various products have held up over time.

This isn’t just another site, this isn’t just the author’s opinions on products, this is a place where the author as well as YOU the consumer can leave reviews about different products and if they’ve met your expectations or if they failed after just a few months. Be it clothing, toys, electronics, beauty items or even ceiling fans, you can leave a post, comment or review about any product you've had experience with.

This isn’t just a place to review the products after initial use, if you’ve had a product for a sustainable time period, or maybe you had a product for a short period and it fell apart, no matter if your experience is glowing or negative wants to know!

From the website:
Here at we aim to obtain impartial reviews both negative and positive. We want to hear all about how you love your vacuum cleaner and have been using it for 3 years. Please tell us why you have become brand loyal and why you will never purchase from a certain brand again.

If your product is old that is alright. Just give us the make and model and people can compare to the version on the market today! Hopefully someone else will provide us with a review for the newest model explaining how things have been upgraded!
I think this is a great site and service to consumers, sure reviews are great, but it’s also nice to see how things actually function and hold up after a few months have passed.

If you’re interested in leaving your own reviews and posts on there’s a great incentive right now. When you register and post at least one post or comment you’ll be entered to win an Amazon Kindle and a $25 Amazon Kindle Gift Card. The runner up prize is a $50 Gift Card to Best Buy, and hey Canadians, you’re even eligible to enter as well. You have until December 10th to register to be eligible for this sweepstakes.

Tell people your experience and let’s help other consumers be educated about their products, visit and leave your opinion. You can also follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Post is only by the opinion of the author of Just Because I'm A Mom...., other views and opinions may vary. No compensation or product was received for this post however I am being entered to win $100 via Paypal.

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