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Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Halloween Time!!!!

What are you and your kids doing for Halloween this year? Sadly we’re just doing the usual carving up a pumpkin and trick or treating around the neighborhood. We’re lame…. I really wish we had someone to watch the girls, and some friends so we could have hit up an adult party, but alas, we have no one and we have no friends!

At least I’m thankful that my girls we’re pretty easy to please this year, I didn’t have to go searching and searching for costumes, I didn’t have the stress that would have made me have to buy some anti wrinkle serum they knew what they wanted to be and they got the costumes and they were ready to roll…

My oldest wanted to be a vampire and my youngest a mermaid. Total opposites! But they’re so cute and are so excited for Halloween this year…

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