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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Have you filled your drama quota for the month?

Ugh! Where do I begin?

From sickness, to dealing with drama with my oldest child, going on a weekend trip to visit my parents and then busting my netbook, it’s been a trying couple of weeks.

A few weeks ago we took the girls up to my parents for the weekend to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, had a blast, I cooked the entire dinner, picked some apples…. It was a nice trip. We get home and there’s just drama to be had with my oldest daughter, who decided that she now doesn’t want to go to school anymore….

Find out some of the boys were bugging her quite a bit, so we had a talk with her teacher after some tears and worry. However, my child has a big head already from everyone telling her how pretty she is all the time, and her teacher knows this….. Yet, what does she do? When we’re explaining how silly boys are and sometimes boys bug you at that age because they like you, her teacher decides to tell my daughter “You’re the prettiest girl in the class, you’re always going to have this problem with boys”….

That has now filled my child’s head RIGHT UP!!! Now it’s always, well the boys bug me because I’m the prettiest in the class….. It’s great that she’s got this confidence, always has, but she already knows she’s pretty, her teacher tells others not to tell her that because she’s already got a big head about it, now it’s even worse… Ahhh my coincided child…. Oh well, I guess it’s better than thinking she’s ugly….

So my other woes, I busted my netbook…. This is the 3rd computer I’ve busted lol… I’m not talking about getting a virus, or the hard drive being garbage or anything else, I’m talking about literally busting the computer…. I’ve done it before… Dropped it, fell on the floor, busted…. Dropped the new one, fell on a ceramic tile floor, busted in pieces…. This one….. My phone flew out of my hands and right into the screen…. Hubby tells me I’m going to be banned from computers soon, and maybe it’s time for a desktop, yet I’m sure I’ll find a way to break that too….

Right now, thinking about Orlando Vacations and Disney World vacations would be a nice change of pace right now, but alas, we’re broke! And with Christmas coming up, there’s no way I’ll get a vacation anytime soon like that….

Hopefully my drama quota for the month has been filled!

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