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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I woke up and it's a start to a brand new GOOD day!

YAY for a new day!!

My allergies aren’t bothering me too much this morning, which is great. It’s freaking COLD here in Ohio though; it’s almost noon and its 64 degrees. Not that I’m going to complain at all, it’s a nice break from the heat, but I’m COLD! Windows are all open; I’ve got on a sweatshirt and wrapped up in a blanket, hoping that this day continues to go well.

So yesterday I let you all in on the fact that I got a job! Its part time and pay will be about $8/hr. Luckily I won’t need to rush out and get a new wardrobe, or id badge printer or even any HID proximity cards, because I get to do it from home, which is GREAT!!! It’s not anything luxurious, but hey, extra cash is extra cash. I’ll be doing some light office work from home for a fellow blogger, a local blogger that writes Saving Money In Toledo. I’m glad to help her out, but to get paid for it at the same time is even better! Especially since Christmas is coming around the corner, I can use all the extra cash I can get, these girls get spoiled off their asses come Christmas time….

So I’m scrounging for content today to write over here, I had a great post thought out last night about couples and finding the time to actually ‘do it’, but it’s gone, lost into space with who knows what else I had in that brain of mine, that only wants to work apparently at night when I’m in bed…

So what’s up with my readers? Anyone have anything they’d like to blurt out there, a topic I can write about and get interesting with? Let me know, I’m open to hearing any and all suggestions you have from me!!!

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