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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Visit to Hopewell Rocks...

Time has now come to a wind down, vacation has passed and it honestly seems like forever since I’ve had a normal schedule. I’ve honestly been on vacation off and on since the beginning of summer all over the place, now its time to get back to work and our jobs...

Our ‘official’ family vacation this year was a long trek. We, along with my parents drove up to New Brunswick Canada camping, and on the way back home also spent a few days in Provincetown, MA. Vacation was great, we have so many memories, pictures and the girls had a blast. One of the most memorable things had to be walking the ocean floor in Alma, NB when the tide was out. We had to have walked well over a mile out on the ocean floor finding sea creatures, rocks and shells, as well as getting stuck in mud!

Another fantastic memory was visiting Hopewell Rocks while in New Brunswick. This park is just beautiful! A must stop when you’re visiting New Brunswick. During the low tide you can explore the ocean floor and visit the coves and amazing rock formations.

They have posted tide times so you know when you need to be around for the things you want to explore. Twice a day, every day, the tides shift and these are some of the highest tides in the world! It’s amazing to explore what’s beneath the water, but beware there is a TON of mud; I wouldn’t recommend visiting in nice shoes. We got stuck a few times, covered in mud and although there’s a wash down station when you head back up, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing water shoes or sneakers, flip flops just didn’t cut it!

Once the tide is in, you can still explore the Bay of Fundy by kayaking around the sandstone pillars, or you can take the time to visit the multi-media center to learn about geology and the tides.

Hopewell Rocks is a beautiful park, you’ll also find guides along the way to explain or answer any questions you have. One guide we stopped to talk to had samples of the water, mud and even seaweed which my best friend and father decided to try out since it was edible. GROSS!

If you ask my oldest about her favorite part of vacation, she’ll tell you Hopewell Rocks!

The park is open from mid-May to mid-October and is located on the cost of the Bay of Fundy. What exactly you’ll see at Hopewell Rocks is the amazing work of time and the tide. Cliffs and coves have been carved by the water and tides, and on top of these enormous formations are beautiful trees. During the low tide there’s so much space to walk through, you can literally spend the entire day here. The rocks at Hopewell rocks are called flowerpot rocks, looking at them with the trees on top you can see exactly why they’re called that.

When the tide is high, these formations look just like small islands that are surrounded by water, it’s amazing to see the difference, unfortunately we were only able to get there during low tide, so the only way we could experience the difference in looks was by photos in the multi-media center.

Hopewell Rocks is a great family friendly place to visit and a must see attraction while visiting New Brunswick Canada. There’s even a playground to let the kids run out their extra energy before you hop back into the car, don’t forget to visit the Tidal Treasures gift shop to purchase a memento of your visit.

For more information about Hopewell Rocks and The Bay of Fundy visit their website at

Review is only by the opinion of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy, other views and opinions may vary, please see my disclosure policy for more information. I was provided a discounted group visit by Hopewell Rocks.

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