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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I hate this weekend.....

Seriously, what the hell, am I getting a bad dose of karma or something, because I have no idea what I did wrong!

This weekend just hasn’t been a good one… Never mind the fact that I’ve fallen asleep early every night, and have be ‘interrupted’ by children who decided not to sleep in on the weekend so I can get some morning nookie since you know, I’ve fallen asleep every night I’ve actually wanted to get some…UGH..

Last night I decided to try out my new George Foreman grill which came with a deep dish plate to make lasagna (yes, this is a review item I’ll be reviewing on my other blog). I decided to make a yummy dinner, spinach lasagna, fresh Italian bread, and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting for dessert… Then to send the kids right to bed afterward ;)…

However, that just didn’t happen… The lasagna was a DISASTER… It made me so pissed off I didn’t want to do anything for the rest of the night but lay down and watch cheesy movies (I watched 50 First Dates and Maid in Manhattan), the lasagna basically EXPLODED in the grill, got burnt on the top, and the girls hated it…. Cupcakes were a score, but dinner was ruined….

As I cleaned up the mess that was ALL over my counter, all over the grill and even on the floor I WHACKED my toe on the chair… SO BAD that I let out a super loud SCREAM and could barely walk on that foot… I was convinced it’s broken….

I then later notice THIS is what my toe looks like…..

To make matters even better, I fell asleep after Maid in Manhattan on the couch, and my lovely husband decided that I just need to stay there for the entire night…Which means, I can barely move my neck this morning…It hurts like a MOFO……

Someone throw me a few Davidoff cigars and some wine, lord knows I can sure use it today... Can I just go to sleep and restart this weekend next week?????

1 comment:

Brandy said...

Oh G I'm sorry :( what a crappy weekend. I hope you have a better week :( . I can relate to the foot pain, Owen ran right over my foot while playing in the sprinkler and I couldn't walk on it for the better part of a day ... so sure he broke it.