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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm BACK!!!

Finally I’m back from vacation.

What a long 2 weeks that was, we had a blast though! We drove from Ohio through the eastern states, up to New Brunswick Canada where we spent 4 days at the Fundy National Park. Then we headed out to Cape Cod in Massachusetts for another 4 days. I feel in love with Provincetown!

Lucky for us we had a shuttle from our campground that ran till midnight out to the city. We took the girls out there and then the next day spent some time with just the adults. My best friend came out to meet us when we were in New Brunswick and spent the rest of our vacation camping with us.

Provincetown was so much fun, all the shops, the food, and the friendliness. I can’t wait to go back there again another summer. We’re already thinking about heading there again next summer and possibly renting out a beach house or something.

I think the girls had the most fun at the Marconi Beach. The sun, the sand and the ocean! My youngest didn’t want to have much to do with being in the water with the waves, she was happy just to be in the sand building sand castles, but my oldest and my hubby are little water bugs! They were in the ocean swimming until they couldn’t swim anymore. Well no, my hubby was in there until he was COVERED and I mean COVERED in seaweed! Once the tide started going out the seaweed came in and he was covered from head to toe. I swear we’re still finding seaweed now that we’re home.

The girls also loved finding sea shells and rocks as we walked the ocean floor when the tide was out in the Bay of Fundy. We walked over a mile out on the ocean floor and found so many cool things; we also did find garbage out there which sickened me. I picked up what I could and brought it back in and disposed of it properly.

So now, we’re home, and it’s time to unpack all of our clothes and camping gear and do some grocery shopping as well, I’m so tired, it was a great vacation but it’s also great to be home and get back to normal again. Once I've got all my unpacking done and all my photos uploaded I'm sure I'll be sharing a ton of them with you.

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