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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can you break a chair?

Sometimes I wonder, as we’re growing as an American Nation, (the wrong way I may add, I mean growing in stomach size) does it mean that household furniture needs to be created to hold the ‘heavier’ American now?

Shopping for patio chairs I noticed weight limits on the chairs but how many people now a days are way over that weight limit?

I’m trying to keep my weight going down down down, but a lot of people are ignoring the issue at hand, we need to become a healthier nation, and fast! I think household furniture shouldn’t accommodate the heavier set American, why? Because it just gives the excuse to keep the weight on!


Mary said...

Yep, I agree with u there mom

Table4Five said...

Hospitals have had to buy bigger beds, bigger gurneys, bigger wheelchairs, and bigger operating tables to accomodate morbidly obese patients. It doesn't surprise me that patio chair manufacturers are posting a weight limit rather than make bigger chairs!