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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Great Night Out at bd's Mongolian grill

We just recently got a brand new restaurant here in Toledo, Ohio called bd's Mongolian Grill. One reason why I wanted to try out bd’s Mongolian Grill was because of their allergy station. Most times I cannot eat Asian cuisine at restaurants simply because of my shellfish allergy, they don’t accommodate for it at all, however bd’s Mongolian Grill does just that, with a special allergy station in back for those with food allergies or for vegetarian diners.

bd’s also keeps on hand an ingredient list for all of their sauces and other foods so that if you do have an allergy, you can see exactly what it is you’re eating, the perfect place for those of us with food restrictions. The place was packed! We were seated after about a 5 minute wait and explained how it worked since it was our first time at the restaurant. Think of it as a stir fry buffet. You’re given a bowl, and you head to the ‘buffet’ stations to fill it up with whatever you’d like.

Meat and Seafood were at the same station. I think that’s my only real complaint, having an allergy, I really have to be careful that items are not cross contaminated so I stayed with any meats that were the furthest away from the seafood. My allergy is so severe that I have to make sure tongs, or pieces of shellfish haven’t touched my food. It would be great if they could separate this somehow with separate stations or a glass between. The meat was all fresh and kept on ice, a great selection!

Vegetables were the next station. Again for those of us with food allergies, I think that they should have some allergy tongs that are color coded or something so you can use tongs that may have touched meats or seafood items. There was a wide range of veggies to choose from, anything anyone could imagine piling up in your bowl.

The next station was sauces and spices; you had a small bowl to fill with your choices and could get anything from sweet, to mild sauces to something you'd need CO2 fire extinguishers around for. Once you’re done with that you take it up to the main grill. This is where they put on a great show and cook your food in front of you, but I didn’t get that experience with my food as it was taken to the back to their special allergy/vegetarian grill.

Once my food was brought out to the table for me after being cooked, we had brown rice waiting at the table for us as well to add to our dinner. The food…. Amazing! There was also an unlimited soup/salad station to add to your dinner as well… My kids were even given special chop sticks to make it easier to try to eat with them.

We had a great dinner out as a family, definitely a place I’ll return to in the future. The staff was having a great time and seemed to enjoy their jobs; they were happy and friendly and were around whenever you needed something. The restaurant itself was a great atmosphere with great music playing, very clean and welcoming.

bd's Mongolian Grill is now on my top restaurant list!

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