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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Move it weight...

I just want to whine…..

I work out, I eat right, the weight, it’s coming off… SLOWLY!!! I know, that’s the best way to loose weight and make sure it stays off, but I’d like it to move along just a bit quicker. 1-2lbs a week is killing me!!

I’d love to be able to boost this along somewhat, I want some quick weight loss, not this slow take your time stuff!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose the weight just as easily and as quickly as you gained it? It’s easy to tack on, but so hard to take it off!


~ Crystal ~ said...

Hi! I was following your blog through my former blog (with the same title as my new one).However, someone hacked into that account and now I am without that blog address. I am now following you under my new blog account. If you feel inclined, you may find me at my new blog address --

Anonymous said...

I tried the smart cookie diet, i carried them in my bag everywhere, but I end up gaining weight since these cookies were high in calories and I was not supposed to eat on the side, contrary to the instruction which allowed some side snacks.

MageeMommy said...

Oh that is annoying! I've had friends/relatives that have tried to lose weight for a couple months and then all the sudden when the biggest stress in their lives went away, the pounds just shed off. argh for stress!

Visiting and following back from FF. :) Happy Weekend!