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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Packed Up and Moved Into My New Home..

That's right.... I've moved!!! A Wrestling Addicted Mommy now has a NEW home!! You can now find the newest blog posts, reviews and giveaways by visiting me at my own domain:

This blog will still remain open but it will be changing, all those subscribed shouldn't have to do a thing, my feed was moved to the new domain the only thing that didn't transfer over was my Google friend connect followers, so I'm starting over with that.

Any current giveaways going on have all been moved over with the comments accommodating them as well, so the only real change is now you can find everything on instead of here!

I'm still working out a few kinks over there, so please if you have any issues or problems with anything just fill out the contact form and let me know! Hope to see you over at the new home!

**NOTE: Just found out that not all of my subscribers moved to the new home with me :( I've lost over half of my email/RSS subscribers, so if you're not getting updates and feeds like you should, please visit the new site and subscribe again, so you won't miss out on a thing!!!***

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