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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lady Gaga Has Gone Too Far?

The latest Lady Gaga drama! Do we really care? Not normally but I had to weigh in on this one. This video was first brought to my attention while I was browsing my favorite blog Necole Bitchie.

Fox News aired a news report recently which was named “Has Lady Gaga Gone Too Far”. Have you seen the latest video called Telephone with Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce? If not, check it out below before you see the news story (beware its the explicit version):

Fox News claimed that the video Telephone was “pushing what critics call twisted sexual fantasies to children...” Um WHAT?! I didn't know that Lady Gaga and this video was aimed and geared towards children..

Sandy Rios says:
“You think you’ve seen it all and then ‘wait it’s more’. This time we have to speculate if she has a male member or not. Whether it’s been cut off or not. Then they do a mass murder at the end and then you have Beyonce and Gaga as gay and lesbian lovers. It’s disgusting Megan, I don’t like it and I would not under any circumstance allow my children to buy Lady Gaga’s cds or listen to them and I would explain to them why, this is just poison for the minds of our kids and for our minds for that matter.”

Check out the news report in full below:

Here's my take.... Lady Gaga is an ADULT!!!

As a parent myself, it’s MY RESPONSIBILITY to know what my children are watching and listening to. Lady Gaga may not be the best artist for some children, and as parents that’s up to US. If you child is looking to pop stars to influence them in their behaviors and how they’re going to act in life, then you as a parent aren’t doing your job CORRECTLY!

I hate when the media gets all up on ‘celebs’ of any sort saying this this and that are not good images for children. Here’s the thing… These ‘celebs’ that are normally talked about like that are ADULTS they’re not teens, they’re not kids, perhaps parents should be doing their job and letting their kids listen to KIDS and TEENS music and brush up on their parenting skills… Heck half the time you see some of these 'celebs' endorsing adult acne products, yes ADULT not teen products...

Otherwise…. Like myself don’t censor a lot with my children when it comes to music and whatnot, they can listen to what they like, watch what they want within reason, I believe that I myself as a parent am doing and have done a well enough job for my children to know the difference between how to act in life and society and what entertainment is!

I'm not a big Lady Gaga fan by any means, I do like some of her music but I'm not an all out huge fan, however she's an artist, she's an entertainer, people have choices to listen to watch and to TEACH and DIRECT their children as to what's right, and what's wrong. Blaming this that and the other for the way people are going to 'react' is just wrong. Videos, music, games etc are NOT what should be influencing your children or anyone for that matter, you teach them properly that's not what happens...

I don't see the video as a big deal at all.... It's a music video, it's entertainment, it's no difference than watching SAW or other horror movies which in my opinion can be much worse than this unique, weird music video, heck I've seen a lot worse in male dominated hip hop videos with 'video girls' shaking and prancing around in barely nothing, that I can find more offensive than this video, sorry the "lesbian" relationship doesn't bother me, nor does it bother me for my children to know about that, that's life!

What are your thoughts???


Courtney said...

As usual people overreact. Lady GaGa is a performer, and this video with all its shock value is just what she does. She wants people to react and talk about it, which is exactly what is happening. I like some of her music, as does my 11 year old daughter. We watched the video together and I pointed out all the stuff I felt was inappropriate. It was a "weird" video, but beyond that I didn't see it as a huge deal. I've seen much worse. If parents don't like it, don't watch. And teach your kids not to watch either. But don't blame Lady GaGa. That's just ridiculous.

Tara said...

hmm Well, she is an adult.. this is America. Do I think we have to have some kind of moral compass? yes. Would I want my kids to see something like this? No. Lady Gaga.. in my opinion has gone too far.. I could hardly stomach the content of the video. Although, I think this is wrong, and pure filth.. each person has to decide that for themselves.. no matter how obvious to me right and wrong are.. :) This is America. But something that always plays in my mind.. is.. "just because you can.. doesn't mean you should"

littlepurpleroom said...

Years ago when Elvis was making the first rounds of appearances on TV he was dubbed "Elvis the Pelvis". By his third apperance on Ed Sullivan, Ed decided it was "un family like" performance and told the camera men to only show Elvis from the waist up.

My, how far we've come.

I did not have any problem with this video. It's not my kind of music, but a lot of people enjoy her.
When my kids were growing up, I was happy they were reading even though my ex's mother told me comic books would rot their minds. I was happy they were reading anything.
I have a good sense of age appropriateness, heck most people would freak if they knew what I was up to when I was 14.
This is on video, parents can yay or nay it in their homes.
What I have a problem with are these dumbasses who go around with their pants down to their knees holding their winkies like a bunch of two year olds who just discovered a new toy.

It is my job to raise my kids, not the villages', the village is full of idiots.

TechyDad said...

I agree with littlepurpleroom. Shocking performances are nothing new and what is considered shocking changes each generation. I don't think Lady Gaga is portraying herself as a role model at all because that's not her job. She is an entertainer. Her job is to play music and entertain.

Similarly, sports figures aren't role models and neither are actors or politicians for that matter.

In general, of course. I'm sure there are some of each category that would make role models, but by and large you shouldn't rely on someone else to be your kids' role models. You should be their role models and don't expect the world to conform to your particular views of what is right.

Anonymous said... took the words right outta my mouth! I agree 100000 percent!

Carmen B. Williams said...

I agree that she really is somehow doing it overboard. Maybe they should consider that above the image that she has to project, every public figure, which is is considered to be being an actress, is also socially responsible to be a good example especially to the youngsters out there. They don't have to think so hard to understand such simple thing

Anonymous said...

First, I'd like to state the obvious.
1) The things represented in this video that do exist, and even some truths are exposed.
2) LG did not create this world we live in
3) LG does things for shock value to get money and publicity
My opinions on the subject
1) Parents should know what they're children are watching so they can talk about what is out there in the world, good/bad so that kids can learn to make decisions that are safe for themselves.
2) Record companies are making money off cash cows and will stop at nothing to keep making it.
3) Evolution is happening all around but everything LG is doing is not revolutionary. Ballsy yes, but not innovative.

Anonymous said...

haha I love it actually. Lady Gaga is an entertainer. That's what she claims she's always wanted to be. And she's done it. In truth, the only thing in the video that I didn't actually care for were the references to Kill Bill and Thelma and Loise. I think they could have come up with something better and something original.

Kristin said...

I think she's fab. Straight up!