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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Daily Freebies!!!

I've been so slacking on these freebies, heck I've been slacking on my entire blog lately. I'm so sorry, I really hate that I don't have my own laptop, using someone else's just isn't the same, and not having all my stuff etc. It's just plain ANNOYING! Why do things always break down at the worst times, a new laptop won't be in the works for some time, so I guess I better stop stressing about it before i have to break out the adult acne treatments!!! Anyways, onto the freebies for today... ENJOY!!!

~ Glowelle Free Beauty Boost Sample for the first 2,500

~ Rita's Free Italian Ice from Noon to 10pm (03/20 only)

~ Mattel Free GeoTrax DVD

~ Prevacid Panel Free 14-Day Trial of Prevacid 24HR

~ Nescafe Free Taster's Choice Stick Pack Sample

~ Gooseberry Patch Free Breakfast & Brunch Recipe Booklet

~ Right@Home Free Spring Cleaning Gift Pack for the first 10,000

~ Jerry Falwell Free "Not I, But Christ" Bumper Sticker

~ Pampers Free Sample of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max (Canada)

~ Profound Beauty Free Hush Time-Out Treatment Sample

~ Soooo Sweet Free Stevia Sample

~ Freeman Beauty Free Instant Spray Shampoo Sample

~ Kotex Free Sample Pack of your Choice

~ Shore Fitness Club Free Fitness Bottle

~ Better Oats Free Carton of Better Oats Oatmeal

~ Dove Free Sample of Daily Treatment Conditioner

~ Play Free Personal Lubricant Sample (US & Canada)

~ Ensure Free Shake and Coupon

~ Ritz Crackers Free Sample of Munchables Pretzel Crisps (Facebook)

~ U by Kotex Free Sample Pack

~ Kids Corner Free Decoder Ring

~ Stride Free Pack of Mega Mystery Gum for Facebook Fans

~ Kashi Free Cereal Sample (Canada)

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