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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hanging out at the mall...

So over the weekend there was a lot of kids hanging out at the mall apparently, not unusual, it's not like they were there looking for the best rosacea treatments. They were just, hanging out... Well, a huge fight happened at the mall here in Toledo that they're now calling the "Toledo Brawl" or "Brawl at the mall" with a bunch of teenagers. It's all over the news and they're like this is the second fight in two years blah blah blah... People are being interview that they're afraid to go to the mall now blah blah blah...

Here's a news story about it....

Westfield fight puts shoppers on edge

TOLEDO, OHIO -- A weekend brawl involving dozens of Toledo teenagers at Westfield Franklin Park has raised serious questions about the mall's security. Customers say management should do more to make the mall safer.

Toledo resident, Dale Mead, thinks this past weekend's events may make some people avoid the mall. "I think it's kind of sad that people don't feel safe to come to the mall," said Mead.

In response to the fights, Westfield Franklin Park management issued a statement saying the safety of their shoppers is paramount and always a priority. They say they strive every day to give every shopper a positive experience and that they take such matters very seriously. Behaviors that are dangerous or offensive are not tolerated, according to mall management.

Mall customers NBC24 spoke to on Monday all agree that the mall has safety issues that need to be addressed. "I think because it's a meeting area for people it is going to get progressively worse and I think when it gets warmer in the summer it's going to be a lot more of that," said Mead.

While most people say they will continue to shop at Westfield, they would like to see some changes made. "More security or restrictions on the teens if they come in they have to come with a supervised parent or something like that," suggested David Rodriguez. "Most people come here to shop and they want to have a nice time and not worry about people fighting."

Toledo Police arrested and charged about a dozen teens after Saturday night's incident. Charges range from assault to disorderly conduct to resisting arrest.

Anyways, I was listening to the radio this morning and they're still yapping about this 'brawl' saying kids shouldn't be allowed in the mall, what's wrong with the parents why are they allowing their 14 - 16 year olds in the mall alone, parents are using the mall as a day care blah blah blah...

My view: Yes, it's wrong that there was a fight... BUT... Teens hang out at the mall, that's what they do, that's what they've ALWAYS done that's what I did as a kid. My parents would drop us off at like noon and we wouldn't be calling for a ride home until the mall was closing if it was the weekend. It's NORMAL! I always have expected that by the time the girls turned 13/14 I'd probably be dropping them off at the mall for a few hours, especially with girls, this is what they do!

When I was a teenager there was ALWAYS fights, no matter what if teenagers are gathered from schools all over the city etc. there's always going to be fights... I remember back in the day, that there was even some kid stabbed. That was scary not a normal occurrence of fighting.

I guess what I don't get is WHY people are blaming the parents? You can parent as much as you want and have your kids be the best kids in the world but as teenagers, once alone, some common sense goes out the window. I also don't' get why they're saying kids shouldn't be in the malls? And why the heck people are afraid to go to the mall??? I'm not.... It's a given, you go to the mall on the weekends its going to be packed with kids!

Now they're talking about curfews and they think no one under the age of 18 should be allowed in the mall without parental supervision.. I think this is nuts... I honestly feel sorry for my girls that they probably won't have the same opportunity to hang out and have FUN anymore when they're teens! I hope to god we're out of this crap hole of a city before then!

What are your thoughts????


sharonjo said...

I"m really surprised this post hasn't brought about a flurry of responses!! After reading it yesterday and thinking it over, my opinion is probably not going to be very popular--but I kind of agree that kids don't need to be hanging out at the mall for hours and hours every day. Of course, I grew up 80 miles (!!) from the nearest mall so I might feel differently if I had been able to do that as a teen myself.

I'm thinking of the retailers who spend a lot of money renting a space in the local mall--and then having customers turn away because there's a mob of kids hanging around out front, or worse having a full-on brawl. As a shopper and adult, I would probably turn away and shop elsewhere.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this. It's definitely a topic for debate and all opinions should be respected.

Hannah Harper said...

Wow, they taking this extremely hard. When I was a kid, I always hung out at the mall, and a few times would come home with a black eye, I guess that part of being a teenage. Some people don't understand I guess.

Larissa Dobbin said...

How come there's only three (including mine, of course) responses about this issue? There's nothing new about this whole thing. And I agree with you - they should NOT blame the kids and prohibit them from going to malls. There will always be some fights around and everyone is responsible for their own safety. We cannot just blame anybody -- I wouldn't blame any kid or any parent on this. My teens are old enough to go in any mall here in Florida.