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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can I Go Back To Bed?

Today has not been the greatest day and its only 10am!!! I’ve already had to deal with meltdowns by my youngest this morning because she wanted to wear her new dress and not the jeans I picked out for her, ugh…. I also had to deal with another meltdown at school with my oldest.

We walk my daughter to and from school; it’s just a couple of blocks away. On our way home we’re on the corner about to walk down my street and I get a phone call from the school, it’s her teacher telling me Lyric forgot her homework folder and is crying. AHHH!!! If she didn’t have her reading homework she wouldn’t get a star for it. My daughter is doing really well with her reading and I hate to see her like this, so after a talk with my own mom, I decided to walk back to the school with her folder as a ONE TIME thing, she forgets it again, it’s her own fault and she’ll have to suffer the consequences.

To top it all off, I slipped on ice on the sidewalk walking back from school!

I’m so ready to restart this day!!!! Oh, and another thing, that post about the garbage I made on Monday, yea, guess what’s STILL sitting in front of our house! ALL THE TRASH!! The only good thing about it is I’ve been able to put more garbage out, and the big shipping box that I got yesterday is out of the house now as well, but the worst thing, is now I feel gross and like I’m living on a dump!

City of Toledo better step up their game, they told us another 48hrs and today that’s up so GET TO IT!

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