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Friday, February 26, 2010

Bye Bye To The Fat Life!!!

I did it, and I’m so glad I did!

I joined the gym…. I’ve wanted to join for a long time now but finances, me not driving, and other various things stopped me from doing it. Although I did well with my weight loss at first (lost 40lbs and surprised i've kept most of it off), I noticed I started to slack off big time.

I have my Wii, and have been doing various games/exercises with that, I’ve been doing my kettle Bell workouts etc, but it just doesn’t cut it. I have so many other reasons when I’m at home NOT to exercise, that I just put it off and put it off. I had to go back to the gym.

Back in the day, I used to LOVE to workout at the gym, you would find me there daily almost 3 hrs a day, especially right before I got married, I was a gym machine! You’d think I lived there working out daily. I really missed it, and I get my motivation by going, it really does make a huge difference.

I decided to join Super Fitness, which has a great facility, ton’s of machines and the best part, a personal trainer included in your monthly fee (which is pretty cheap too $19.99/mth). I think that’s one of the things that swayed me besides it being so close to home. I’ve always wanted to have a personal trainer but with any other gym I’ve been to, it was always an extra fee. Not here, everything is included in your membership, it’s GREAT!

I had my first workout and session with my trainer yesterday. I ended up being at the gym for about an hour and a half. Working with free weights, circuit training and then a 30 minute cardio session, let me just say, I remember now why I HATE CARDIO!!! Lol… I’d rather work with weights ALL DAY EVERY DAY but I know, gotta get that cardio in, it’s the key to weight loss.

I’m not heading there today due to hubby’s work schedule and won’t be able to get there on the weekends either for the same reason, ACK!! I was trying to figure out scenarios on how to get there, but it just didn’t work. So, looking at his work schedule for next week and beyond and making my ‘workout’ schedule for the gym, so I know what days I will and will not be going. I guess on the days not working out, it will be home bound workouts for now.

I can’t wait until we can get a second car!!!! One of the good things about this gym too is they have a Super Fitness Kids area. It’s not just a ‘daycare’ setting, the kiddos actually get to play around and workout too on their own sized machines, my girls can’t wait to go.

So I’m actually happy I did this, and excited about it too. I can’t wait to see the toning and weight loss that’s going to happen!! I also notice one very important thing. My mood change! When I’m working out, I’m HAPPY. There’s no longer a worry or depression going on in my head… I find I’m more ME again, so this helps tremendously.

Oh the other great thing, which I wasn’t too happy about at first, is it’s a co-ed gym, and you all know me, I looooovveee my muscle heads LMAO and boy oh boy did I see some YUMMY ones yesterday!!!

1 comment:

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

Good for you for joining the gym! Looking forward to hearing more about it. I have been down and out with pneumonia for TWO weeks and I haven't been happy about missing my workouts. I am training w/hubby to run a 1/2 marathon in Jamaica in Dec. and I lost a few weeks. But anyway, it's funny that you say you love weights and not cardio. I am total opposite. I know I have to do weights but I always put it off. Love spinning, elliptical, treadmill, walking, etc. Need a push to get my 3 days of strength training in every week.

Wish you the best!