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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Motivation, where are you?

Day 2 of getting back on the exercise wagon.

Already, I have no motivation!!! Well I do have motivation, but I’m tired. I’m sore. I don’t wanna do it! I need so much help with this weight loss thing. Last year I lost 40lbs. I’m pretty sure I’ve gained 10-20 of that back already. When I was at the doctor’s office last week I refused to look at the scale once it got past the scary 200lb mark.

I really, really, really wish I had more money and was a celebrity or something, and then I could get the gym membership and the personal training that I’d love to have with the perfected diet catered to me every day with no worries. Or maybe have a magical pill that just went and made the fat and ickyness disappear and magically have me grow muscles.

I want to do this. I can do this. I need to do this.

Last night was awful, I cheated, I had 2 chocolate chip cookies. I think that’s the worst time of the day for me, night time snacking. After the girls have gone to bed, and I’m a bit more relaxed, especially when it’s late, I snack, and snack BAD! I curbed the habit for a bit, so I KNOW I can do it, it’s just the hardest habit to break.

Email has been checked, Facebook has been checked, and first blog post of the day has been written. I have my daily freebies that are coming up next and then, I’m out. YES I will exercise today, I have to!

Today I think I’ll start with 3 dances from my Just Dance game, and then move on to my EA Sports Active.


1 comment:

kathy pease said...

Keep your chin up..YOU CAN DO IT :)

also try to drink lots of water it gives you the full feeling yet you might have to piss like a race

good luck :)