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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Curbing Those Cravings...

I think the worst part of dieting and finding a new way of eating is the cravings! Especially for us women when it’s “that time of the month”, the cravings for sweet, salty and just plan pig-out junk food is what gets me every time!

It’s hard to ignore, but even when it’s not “that time of the month” every once in a while I still get those cravings for those “not so healthy foods”. Sometimes I think they should give out Junk Food insurance and give me an insurance quote. Last night we were watching Man vs. Food, and normally that show really does make me NOT want to eat, however last night at 11pm at night it had me craving a sub!

I admit, yesterday wasn’t a great eating day for me, I forgot to eat breakfast, and lunch and dinner wasn’t that great either, so I figure missing meals or irregular eating may be contributing to my cravings. Another thing I’ve noticed with the cravings are if I see something that I love, but I haven’t eaten in a long long while, especially if it’s put in front of me, I’m more likely to over indulge so I need to learn that everything IS ok, in moderation. If I’m craving that White Castle burger, go ahead and have ONE to curb that craving before it gets worse.

I also notice that I am an emotional eater, stressed out; depressed, happy or sad food always comes into play. I’m hoping that with my counseling for my depression and anxiety we might kick this to the curb as well.

I need to look a bit deeper than the food for this lifestyle change in order to curb these cravings, I need to listen to myself, eat when I’m hungry and ask myself why exactly I’m hungry at that time. Is it because of my emotions or feelings ore because I’m bored? Or is it because I’m actually hungry and need to eat because of a missed meal or wrong choice?

First things first from now on, when I think I’m hungry I’m going to grab a nice big glass of ice cold water and see if that helps, I don’t drink enough and I need to get this water drinking in more than I have. I also need to get off my butt more often. Sure I’ve been working out at least 4 days a week, but I need to expand my physical and mental activity to keep my mind OFF of foods and the cravings I tend to get.

How do you kick your cravings? Any tips or tricks to help me out?


~J said...

I so hear you!!

The ice water trick is always good. I tend to want to munch at when I feel like I'm being tempted but not hungry, I paint my nails to keep me from grubbing around in the kitchen. Works every time!

Kara Helen said...

I agree that cravings absolutely suck!

One tip I've come up with (that especially works when I'm at work) is if I get a craving for something sweet, I make my self a cup of hot tea - peppermint or Earl Grey or a green/citrus tea. I tell myself that I'll have the tea, and if I'm still hungry/craving something after I'm through with it, I'll eat a small snack. Ninety-percent of the time, the tea takes care of that "sweet" craving, and by making myself wait, I will have "moved on" and don't need the snack.