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Friday, December 18, 2009

Your Simply CRAZY!

There’s a little update of sorts to my blog post from the other day. If you remember I made a rather disturbing blog post called “He’s a man, he’s part black, he can’t keep it in his pants…” and it was basically about a crazy racist chick who made this statement on my message board The Lily Pad.

According to her, it was ok to say these things because she had a ‘card’, and she dared us to poll people saying that 90% would say the same thing she did. So I made a blog post, and many others polled facebook and myspace friends as well. Not one of us got 1 person agreeing with her.

We made sure to post the comments on our board in the thread so that she could see them and see how STUPID she was sounding. Apparently though, that wasn’t the extent of her craziness. Later that night I got a facebook message from a friend to get on instant messenger, there was a post left on the board, in that thread, it read:
wf i wrong with you guys my cousin committed suicide over these comments. What is wrong with you guys writing this crap about her. Apparently she dropped her daughter off at school and came home and hung herslf in the basement. She was found by her dad. She wrote 3 notes one to me, one to her parents, and one to her daughter. In mine she told me to come on here and look at this specific entry or however you say it and told me to look specifically at this one person's comments to her and then read the rest.She said that no one has ever told her such hurtful things and that she believed what was said about her is the truth. Tara is far from any of what was said to her. How are we going to tell a 5 yr old her mom died? Just days before christmas on top of that. I can't believe this, didn't u guys think before you posted all these comments. Her family doesn't even have money to burry her. I will miss her. RIP Tara I love you

And then she wrote again…
make sure you let this gina bitch know what she caused

Now reading this, and being on message boards for the past 6 years, you know never to trust what you read, and to do some investigation, which was done IMMEDIATELY by some of the admins and myself. First of all, the style of ‘typing’ was the same as previous posts, and once the admins grabbed her IP address the gig was up. If your going to fake your death, please make sure that your writing style isn’t as horrid as it always is, and also make sure your not posting from your normal IP or from the college that you go to school at… yes that’s right, the IP was made from her school…

Give me a break! We also found out that she was online on her Myspace page at the same time.
Who does this?!?!?!

Once we called her out on this, she then came back to the board and claimed to say it wasn’t her posting…
My cousin was using my laptop and told me she has been on the lilypad and said something about blacks and gina got all mad,and everyone hates me on there now, then she said i was dead. Is this true????????? Is that why I can't get on the board???? i cant believe she did this . I feel like beating that bitches ass. I gave her my laptop to use for awhile to see if she wanted to buy it and I gave her my facebook password so she could make my farm bigger for me .which is the same password I use for lilypad. She just brought it to me on her way home from work didn't say nothing to me, then she calls me wakes me up again and then tells me all this shit. I can't believe this dumbass. Whatever she did i'm sooooooooo sorry . She's had my laptop since friday so whatever was said between now and then was not me. I tried checking to see what she's been writing but it wont let me on. i am so embarassed by all this!!!please tell everyone whatever was said it was not me and i am soooo sorry. She said some really hateful stuff was said about me. And she thought it was so damn funny. So please pass this on and tell everyone that i am very sorry. Is there anyway I can see what she wrote or is it all deleted now. I want to know everything she wrote on there if possible please.
this is what i just wrote to trisha on myspace. I am soooooooo sorryyyyyy she is a dumbass.
let me tell u guys i would never make a comment like that maybe about guys but deff not about black guys specifically. I;m very sorry Gina because it seems like you were the one most affected by what she wrote.
btw please take my personal info of off the boards. Better yet delete the whole thread. And another thing tiger woods does not deserve a break from the media. I personally am tired of it but he deserves the scrutiny.

This is some serious stuff people…. Who fakes their death in such detail and then when caught says that it wasn’t them that posted it and blamed it on someone else.

Those of you in the blogging community and message board community know how close we all can be, and if this was true or we even thought for a second this was true we’d be all over it contacting friends/family we can find and even the authorities.
Luckily I and a few others live in the same city as this crazy bitch chick and checked all the sources we could, and could not find any ‘suicide’ that had happened, and then proceeded to research…

It’s sad that a MOTHER of all people could do this, it’s quite obvious she has more issues in her head than just the racist thoughts that surround her brain, for someone to do this, lie about committing their own suicide, I hope she gets some much needed help!

There are just some crazy ass people you meet on-line……Oh the stories I can tell!


Dianne said...

I'm still reeling over this Gina - how sad that she is this disturbed. I hope and pray she can get some help for her obvious mental issues.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Some people really just shouldn't be allowed internet access.

._. said...

its just so sick.. my friends bil really DID kill himself just recently.. and then there are wackos like this who go and make a "joke" of it? pathetic.. I never call people pathetic.. but seriously. i don't know this chick, but she makes me want to yack.

taysmommy said...

At least we know what a sick, twisted, offesnsive person is. I am beyond glad that she is gone. I in no way want to associate myself with someone like her.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Wow - just wow! It is a terrible thing to joke about - I wonder about her stability too - especially for her child.

CaroleM said...

Oh I know how crazy some people online can be. So sadly I'm not surprised by this. But reading the first post by her "cousin" my first thought was "she did not, and she's the one writing that". Even before I read the rest of your post. I'm glad you checked it out and that your hunch was right. Good thing most people you meet online are relatively normal. :)

AshleyOhio said...

sounds like someone was craving a little attention. That's the thing about being online, you never know what you are going to get! I had to break away from a board because of persistent crazy people, now I am with a small group of ladies that are truly amazing!

pippirose said...

Some people will do anything for attention, even if it's "bad" attention.
I've been on Myspace for 5 years, and at least twice a year, someone will fake getting cancer...and dying.
It's pathetic.
You "almost" have to feel sorry for them...but the damage that they wreak can be huge! And each time it happens, people become more and more jaded...less trustful. So when there is a real tragedy, and fundraising happens, people are very skeptical, and don't become involved.

Peggy said...

I am sadden and amazed everyday by people! I feel sorry for her child