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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day...

December 1st is World AIDS Day. I had no idea about this until yesterday when I was informed by Drew of Eden Fantasys.
Eden Fantasys wants to take the time out and not only provide you with fun and great products to enhance and improve your sex life, but they’d also like to take the time to provide education in the community about AIDS awareness.

Eden Fantasys has launched a week long project to raise awareness for ASC (AIDS Service Center of New York City). During this week starting today (Dec. 1) they’re having a Twitter fundraiser to help raise money. How can you participate? Easy! All you have to do is retweet!

If the hashtag #Eden1K4AIDS gets 1,000 tweets from 1,000 people they’ll give ASC NYC $1,000!

There are also a couple of videos you can view to give you more insight to “A Day in the Life at ASC-NYC” which will debut this week on Eden Fantasys. The World AIDS Day Project is comprised of a variety of new articles and essays – both personal and academic, on Eden Fantasys’ sex magazine SexIs, as well as on EF’s blog, Eden CafĂ©. This week of dedicated articles and essays begins today, Monday November 30th, and runs through Friday, December 4th.

Upcoming publications:

• Human Rights, Sexual Rights and World AIDS Day: Dr. Dick on the dual inalienability of human rights and sexual rights
• Anatomy of an AIDS Activist: GL Morrison on the changes in AIDS activism over the years

• Live Through This: Can Gay Rights Be Gained via HIV? Mandy Van Deven on the perception and fight against AIDS in India

• ASC-NYC videos, A Day in the Life at ASC-NYC: On the Frontlines of the Forgotten War, An Inside Look at ASC NYC, and One by One

• Learning Out Loud: Elizabeth Boskey on how the advent of HIV/AIDS shaped her thinking and led her to a career of innovation and education

• Boogeyman Logic: Requiem for Matthew: Judy Cole with a personal reflection on an old friend lost to AIDS
• AIDS through My Days: Sarah Sloane on her own personal timeline and relationship with AIDS

• AIDS Really Isn’t That Funny: The Bloggess trying to find the funny

• No Dominion: Kal Cobalt on growing up in a small town who took the early initiative in the fight against AIDS and how this upbringing shaped her sexual persona

Join myself and Eden Fantasys in this week of AIDS education and awareness.

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