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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the old .... In with the new!!!

It’s New Years Eve. I’m still up in Canada but had to write a quick blog post.

My dad, out of surgery and it went well. They did a triple bypass and everything went as planned. It’s a long recovery process though so we’ll be hoping all goes well with that. He's already back to his normal grumpy self, so I"m sure he'll recover just fine in no time.

For myself, I’ll be here in Canada for New Years, which is great I just wish it wasn’t because of the circumstances and I could go out to have some fun however, I’ll be home with my two girls waiting on hubby’s arrival sometime around 9pm tonight.

2009 has been a year of many ups and downs but it’s also taught me a whole hell of a lot as well. I’ve learned that in 2010 in order to be successful I have to take care of myself health wise, weight wise, education wise, career wise and even fun wise.

I’m making sure that 2010 isn’t going to be a ‘woe is me’ type of year. I started a great goal last year with my weight loss and at the end of the year, went downhill with it. 2010 will be the year to beat my battle with the monster we call weight; it’s also going to be the year that I deal with a lot of my own health issues that I’ve ignored. My girls are growing up far too fast to let things slip by anymore and I want them to be proud of me and for me to be around for them for a long long time. I’ve conquered one obstacle and fear in 2009 which was returning to the driver’s seat and retaining my driver’s license again, if I could do that, I can conquer so many more.

In an effort to really make sure I’m accountable for my own actions, I plan to really chronicle a lot more of my personal issues on my blog. Weight loss, Health, fears etc. etc. etc. Sometimes we have to push ourselves beyond our limits to make things work, and I know myself and that’s what I have to do.

2010 will also be the year I look more into my own future. Right now my youngest is home with me and my oldest is at school, but in about 2 more years I’ll be home with no one to take care of during the day with both off to school full time. Do I want to sit around by myself? Do I know if I’ll still be blogging? 2 years is a long ways away and we don’t know what the heck any of us will be doing so 2010 is the year I look into furthering my education once again, and what’s better than to set my goals high? I’ll be looking into admissions with the school I’ve always dreamed of going to but never had the chance; Full Sail thankfully now has online classes. For those who don’t know about my love for the music industry that’s what I have gone to school for in the past. With myself not getting any younger, I’ve set my eyes on Entertainment Business instead of just focusing on music/the hip hop industry, with a goal of one day getting my feet in the door and working for one of the companies that well, feeds my addiction.

A question normally asked by most around this time of the year, is what is your New Year’s Resolution? I can’t answer that this year, I never keep resolutions it’s a proven fact that most of us don’t. So this year, instead of making a resolution, I’m just going to make a change, make my own life just a bit better for LIFE, and not just focus on one year at a time….

For 2010, I wish you all success, happiness, health and love. I thank you all for this year and the past for reading, entering giveaways and leaving your comments on A Wrestling Addicted Mommy. I'd also like to thank the companies I've worked with, and advertisers as well, I look forward to making new connections and working with old ones again in the New Year. I hope you all look forward to the new blog posts in the New Year as well.

How do you plan on making 2010 successful?



Anonymous said...

Ms. Gina,
I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. I was glad to hear that your dad made it through the surgery ok. It is a tough surgery to recover from, my mother in law had it.

I to am bad at keeping New Years Resolutions, but I have determined this year to make my walk with the Lord more important than ever before.
So many times we search for things to fill the emptiness in our hearts and I did for years, but I have found the closer I walk with the Lord the more content I become.

I hope your New Year is WOnderful
God Bless,


vrtish55 said...

Very glad to hear your dad's surgery went well, have a wonderful happy and blessed New Year!