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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide A Gift For Everyone: Family Fun Football for Wii

Finding a game that the entire family can play together is often a struggle, especially with younger children, but my oldest is jumping into video games a lot more now and is graduating from her Nintendo DS onto our Nintendo Wii for some games. She often wants to play with dad, but a lot of games are just too hard for her, so when we had the chance to try out Family fun Football for the Wii I couldn’t wait.

Family Fun Football features:
  • A Simple Playbook: Makes it easy for everyone to learn and understand the game of football.
  • Colorful Stadiums: A total of five stadiums that include a fun mix of realistic and fantasy worlds such as a space themed stadium.
  • Power-ups: Earn power-ups during gameplay to enhance certain attributes including speed, strength, passing, and interception for a limited amount of time.
  • Teams: Ten unique teams with their own attributes that players can choose to compete with.
  • Mii Compatibility: Load in your own Mii and play against your friends’ and family’s Miis for a more personal experience.
The fun part was that we could play with our already created Mii’s. Now my daughter knows nothing about football so she was a bit lost, we hurried through the playbooks to get onto the game. There are a few different modes you can choose from that include:

  • Quickplay: Select two teams and the stadium you want to play in to get started right away. Up to four players can play.
  • Season: Play through a nine game season, each game against a different opponent. Defeat every team to be the best.
  • Tournament: Play your way through a double-elimination tournament and be the last team standing to win it all.
  • Mascot Mode: Play as your team’s mascot, or as one of 10 unlockable mascots.
  • Mini-Games: Ten fun and simple mini-games can be unlocked and played with up to four players.
Game play was a bit difficult, we first selected quick play and for her to hold the nunchuck and do button combos to play was very difficult, she was just mashing any buttons at this point, so we moved onto the mini-games which was a lot easier for her, and a lot more fun too.

Now if you’re a Madden player or any other football game, you won’t be highly impressed by the graphics, but it is a Nintendo Wii game, and it is rated for everyone so graphics isn’t what I was really concerned about. Overall we had a lot of fun playing this with my daughter, and then later together as a couple with the quick play, it’s a cute, fun game that everyone can enjoy. Family Fun Football for Wii retails for $29.99.

Product was provided to me from Tecmo. Opinions are strictly those of the author of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy; please see my disclosure policy for more information.


Becca said...

This sounds like a really cute game! :)

Angie Marion said...

this sounds like fun! THanks for sharing!

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