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Monday, November 16, 2009


Although I missed the Pay Per View last night (don't tell me details I'm going to watch it ASAP, trying to stay out of the spoilers lol), I LOVE LOVE LOVE TNA Wrestling, and I love going to their live shows.

They don't travel as much as WWE, so the rare chance I get to go see a show is great. And now, you can DEMAND that TNA visit your home town....Or mine for that matter! Between now and January 15, 2010 TNA fans have the opportunity to demand that TNA Wrestling comes tot heir city or town!

If your not a TNA or wrestling fan at all, that's fine. How about you help me out and get TNA up here to Toledo for a show!!! Or if you are a TNA fan, demand your own town/city!!

The most popular cities and towns that are 'demanded' by fans will be included in the 2010 TNA Live Tour!!!

So, either help me out and get TNA to Toledo, just because you know how addicted to wrestling I am, or demand that they come to your own town.

Visit for more information and instructions on how to DEMAND they come visit YOU! Or simply check out the widget below...

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