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Monday, November 9, 2009

Traveling with the family...

I love being a stay at home mom, but it seems that cabin fever is hitting me already and it’s hitting me hard! I need a vacation! Most of the time I’d say without the kids, but I’d be happy to go on a family vacation somewhere together.

Recently my hubby and I have been talking, and talking about where we could go and do, a lot of ideas fly into my head, mostly about things I’d like to do. I mean, as much as I just said I’d love a family vacation, me and hubby never got a honeymoon, so leaving the girls with their grandparents while we head out to one of the Best Honeymoon Hotels in Jamaica might not be a bad idea. But then I get that guilty feeling, my children and how they deserve to go somewhere special too.

Finding a place that’s fun for just about everyone in my family is a pretty hard thing to do, me and the girls are spoiled brats when it comes to getting our way and we all like to do different things. I was thinking of Vegas than though that’s not really the most family friendly place, then I was thinking about New York, there’s so much to do there, we could have a ton of fun and even book one of the Quietest Hotels in NYC so that I can relax, maybe with a pool too so that the kiddos can have some excitement, but then maybe it’s just too busy a place to take two young kids.

So, as we prepare to venture into 2010 the ideas are still flying. Hubby has 3 weeks’ vacation next year and we’re going to take advantage of that, it’s just finding and saving the money and the right place to spend the time at!

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Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

You might want to look into Vegas after all -- it has come a LONG way towards becoming more family friendly in recent years! Probably the city of Vegas has a tourism bureau website, and I'd be willing to bet money (no Vegas pun intended!) that they have a whole section on there dedicated to family attractions. Plus flights to and hotels in Vegas are generally guite reasonable.