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Friday, November 20, 2009


Don’t look for a lot of posts from me today. I’m sick once again, big surprise! Ever since I put my oldest in Kindergarten it seems we’re sick, sick, sick and once we think we’re getting better, we’re sick again… BLAH!!!! I so wish I could just go away to some gulf shores hotels and rest in peace and quiet!

So an update on my dad, thanks to everyone for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. He’s still in the hospital. Thankfully he’s had no more chest pain. All of his blood work, EKG’s and tests have come back normal that was until they did his stress test yesterday. They found multiple blockages, but no damage has been done to his heart. Today or tomorrow they’ll be doing an angioplasty to see how bad the blockages are, and then he’ll be having whichever surgery they deem necessary. I got to talk to my dad briefly last night, his worry? He’s got too much work to do to be laid up in the hospital! I swear, this man is a workaholic! I told him work is secondary right now. It just really sucks that I can’t be up there, and now with me and the girls having colds, it wouldn’t be a good idea anyways. I hate having to rely on phone updates ugh…

Tonight though, for me I finally get to get out of the house, with no kids!!! I’ll be going to see New Moon! I’m so excited!!!! It will be nice to get out of the house without the kids, without hubby and have a girls night out, right now I could use it! Until then, I'm taking advantage of my hubby being off today and resting, resting resting!

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