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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Naughty Santa Gifts (Adult)

**Disclaimer: Some images and content may not be appropriate for younger viewers. This post is for Adults 18 years of age and older and may not be safe for work viewing**

Do you have someone on your naughty list this Christmas? Or maybe it’s you who’s been the naughty one, fear not, there are the perfect gifts for those ‘naughty’ people this year and they all come from Eden Fantasys.

Why not get into the holiday spirit this year with something to make you a little ‘jolly’ like The Candy Cane! This beautiful high quality glass wand will be sure to give you the joy you need this holiday season. With a curve just right to hit that g-spot or the smooth straight shaft this candy cane does a double duty, and gives you (or him) the ability to get a great comfortable grip while in use.

Glass toys are one of my favorite and this is no exception, there’s no friction, it’s easy to clean, and you have the option of using this toy by warming it up in a bowl of warm water or cooling it down with colder water or sticking it in the fridge. This toy is perfect for couples or for solo play.

If you’re into playing games as a couple to spice things up, try out Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games. This deck of cards has twelve fun and sensual games that promote intimacy and are easy and fun to play. Games like creating a sexy story; truth or dare and trivia will get your attention and get a couple excited to continue on to the more playful challenges. The best part of the game, having the ability to tease and get your partner all riled up and enjoying themselves without them being able to do anything back, until the game allows.

Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games continue on to different games such as the daring dice discovers game, sexy tarot cards, a sexy scavenger hunt and the ability to even bring props into some of the games. Now as busy parents I know this might not be the easiest thing to ‘play’ on most nights, but take a weekend away and surprise your partner with something a little different.

With 118 cards and the perfect storage box to keep them in, Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games is the perfect gift for a naughty couple to get some sexy playful time inside (or outside) the bedroom.

Who say’s Christmas has to be nice, Eden Fantasys brings out the naughty in all of us, why not make up a stocking of ‘naughty’ gifts for your loved one this Christmas, be sure to check out all the different stocking stuffers you can purchase by visiting

Product was provided to me from Eden Fantasys. Opinions are strictly those of the author of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy; please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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