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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide A Gift For Everyone: Parrot Minikit Chic

Gadget Geek! I’ve mentioned it previously; we’re a family of gadget geeks, specifically when it comes to cell phones. Hubby is the guru of all gurus when it comes to talking cell phones and cell phone accessories. He’s always got the latest and greatest and is excited to try new products and accessories once they hit the shelves (or even beforehand sometimes).

When I had the ability to review the Parrot Minikit Chic I couldn’t wait to tell him, I knew he’d be just as excited as I was, maybe even more! Now, I don’t drive (yet! Newsflash I just booked my road test for the 24th) but hubby does and he’s always talking or texting and fumbling around with that darn phone of his somehow, and I’m always yelling at him to stop because let’s face it, it’s dangerous! Headsets are great, but if you’re like me and have tiny ears it’s hard to find one that works, so with my impending ability to drive alone, the Parrot MiniKit Chic hands-free device is the perfect solution!

At first look the Parrot’s Minikit Chic looks cute! Perfect for me and my still. The Bluetooth speakerphone is black with silver and grey flowery designs, nice and pretty for me, but not too pretty for hubby! The design is small, not as small as a headset but about the size of a cell phone itself and comes with a built-in clip so that you can easily place it on your car’s sun visor, which is super easy to install, you just pry the clip open and slip it on your visor.

Not only does the Minikit Chic let you talk hands-free but it also incorporates your contact list from your phone, so all you have to do is tell it who you want to call. No fumbling around in your address book! We did notice this worked great with the Samsung Omnia and Blackberry Curve however with my hubby’s new Droid the contacts list incorporation didn’t seem to work. The other great thing about the Minikit Chic is the knob on the top which allows you to scroll through menus easily while you hear the menu choices without having to take your eyes off the road.

Voice clarity is great! I could hear hubby perfectly when he was driving and vice versa, no issues there unlike with some headsets that pick up everything but the callers voice. The voice prompt is also easy to understand, and just reminds me a lot of the voices on my GPS nothing different, however when asking it to do something like call a specific person you do have to speak clearly without a whole lot of background noise for it to understand. Additionally it will also announce who is calling you (if they’re in your address book), so you don’t need to look at your phone while driving to see who it is.

The Parrot Minikit Chic ($99.99) is the perfect gift, don’t want the design for the man in your life, no problem they also offer the plain-black Minikit Slim with all the same features. Be safe while driving this holiday season and beyond, with all the new laws in place about having to have hands-free devices, this is the perfect gift!

To find out more about the Parrot Minikit Chic or any other devices visit, or become a fan of Parrot on Facebook.

Product was provided to me from Airfoil. Opinions are strictly those of the author of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy; please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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