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Monday, November 16, 2009

Daily Freebies!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I myself am so behind!!!! We finally decorated our house too, not fully I'm still getting there but we're already in the Christmas spirit!!! I still have lights to do and a few more things around the house to get the full effect but yes, I started decorating before Thanksgiving! Thing is, I get so stressed out when trying to decorate for Christmas, I know I shouldn't but trying to find all the stuff, places to put things currently out away, getting the tree up with two little ones trying to help at the same time.... I need me some good wrinkle cream by the time I'm done!

I also stated something this weekend many of your mom's said I would, but I denied it and said I would never say that.... The words that I never thought would pass through my mouth did... I said "OMG I can't wait till she goes back to school, she's driving me nuts!", yes me, I said those words! Lyric has been out of school since Thursday (because of parent/teacher interviews) so I had her home for a full 4 days and she was already driving me crazy!!!! So I guess you all were right! What was I thinking thinking I could home school this child! I'm glad she's schooling elsewhere! lol

~ Black America Web Free Sample of Crest Plus Scope Outlast

~ PopChips Free Coupon for a bag of Popchips

~ Random House Free Copy of New World Monkeys

~ Random House Free Copy of The Book of Illumination

~ Random House Free Book by Therese Walsh

~ Crown Royal Free Personalized Labels

~ Blockbuster Free Pack of Popcorn (Canada)

~ Muller's Pasta Free Meal Planner (US & Canada)

~ Malibu Sun Free Sample (UK)

~ Beauty Herbal Spa Free Christmas Herbal Candle

~ Jennifer Lopez Free My Glow Fragrance Sample

~ Costco Free Kirkland Supreme Diaper Sample

~ Jungle Cents Free Sticker

~ Walmart Free Sample of Tampax Pearl

~ Valuemags 2 free Issues of Family Circle

~ Crestor Free Low-Fat Favorite Recipes Cookbook

~ Graffiti Safewipes Free Sample

~ Costco Free Sample of Kotex Light Days (Canada)

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