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Friday, November 13, 2009

Daily Freebies!!!

Sorry for my lack of blogging yesterday and today. My daughter and my hubby both have 2 days off!! So we've been doing a lot of family time around the house, with my daughter in school now it's rare that both her and hubby have days off together. It's not like we went to Outer Banks vacation homes or anything, we've just been spending alot of time together, and took the girls out all day and to the circus yesterday.

So on that note, while hubby and my oldest are at the grocery store right now picking up dinner, I decided to sneak in a post and some freebies, be prepared for a mound of posts and giveaways within the Holiday Gift Guide this weekend!!!

~ Walmart Free Sample of Pampers Extra Protection

~ Swiss Army Free Sample of Swiss Unlimited Fragrance

~ Costco Free Sample of NatureMade TripleFlex

~ Wisconsin Cheese Free Holiday Recipe Brochure

~ Golden Age Free 2010 Desk Calendar

~ Gooseberry Patch Free Fall Favorites Cookbook (US & Canada)

~ CBM Free 2010 Calendar (Canada)

~ Breathe Right 2 free Samples

~ Woman's Health Free 2010 Calendar

~ Mambo Sprouts Free Coupon Books and Samples

~ Whathub Free 3-Pack of Starbucks Via ReadyBrew Coffee (US & Canada)

~ Chatelaine Free Book (Canada)

~ Baileys Free Sample of Baileys with a Hint of Coffee (UK)

~ Gas-X Free Sample of Gas-X Thin Strips

~ PetSmart Send a Friend an eCard with a Coupon for a free Greenies Chew

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