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Thursday, October 22, 2009

WWE Raw live at Lucas County Arena in Toledo Ohio..

1, 2, and 3 it’s OVER! The final count, the hits, the finishing moves, the classic clotheslines and body slams; yes, I’m a wrestling fan and lover of both the sport and the entertainment aspect of it.

As a child in the 80’s idolizing wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and the Million Dollar Man I eventually grew out of it until the late 90’s when I was introduced to it again with one of my all time favorite wrestlers The Rock! Ever since then I’ve been an addict and just can’t get enough. Whenever we can get our hands on some wrestling tickets, you’ll find us there.

You can read more about my review of WWE Raw live at the Lucas Country Areana in Toledo Ohio by visiting Eventchaser's HERE.

Of course I couldn't give them every photo I took, you can see a few on my review over at EventChasers and check out the rest in my slide show below.

Let me also add, I was so not impressed with the fan favorite John Cena.

I'm a woman, yes I find him very attractive, not a fan of his in the wrestling sense though, anyways when John Cena drove in with Cody Rhodes, I was right in front of the car by his window, I was screaming CENA!!! and waving, dude just looked straight ahead didn't acknowledge any of the fans at all, not even the crazy wrestling addicted mommy jumping up and down like a mad woman in front of his window.

One of the most gracious guys I've ever met, including this show....Kofi Kingston hands down. He took the time to come greet the fans and even spoke to me for a few minutes as I've worked with him in the past and we have a mutual friend, I also took that opportunity to hand him my business card, lol... Heck, I even got The Miz to chuckle with a little 'ass' joke I made to him and Chris Masters. I had a ton of fun!!!


Angela said...

You weren't kidding....LOL I love it when people's blog titles actually match who they are and what they love (or are addicted

It makes me want to get a new title....crazy mom eating candy, maybe?

I added myself as a follower. I'm at

Anonymous said...

Ha! Looks like you had lots of fun! I would love to hang out at the Greensboro coliseum and capture some photos like these, but I'd feel too much like a stalker. LOL! Back in, I think, 1999, Triple H and Chyna were eating at the local Waffle House and some friends of mine encountered them. They said they were all kinds of nice. I was so jealous!