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Thursday, October 22, 2009

What a day......

It's been a while, I know, and I'm so sorry for slacking off. Things have been crazy around the house if you've seen my previous posts. To make it all better yesterday we had a fun day as well, walking to go get my daughter from school my ankle decided to go out on me and I hit the sidewalk HARD! I have a scraped up, bruised, bumpy knee which is killing me, as well as a very sore hard to walk on ankle.

To make a beautiful ending to the day, I had it out with my oldest daughter who threw a massive tantrum and went crazy because of her homework. I expect her to do her best when she's doing it, but scribbles and using a pencil crayon to do your homework isn't going to fly with me, so we 'reproduced' the sheet ourselves and she was up till about 10 o'clock finishing her homework..... SHE'S IN KINDERGARTEN!!!! I can't believe I'm having homework issues with her already! Hopefully nipping it in the bud early on will give her some good homework habits for the future when it really counts.

I did have one bright spot last night though, once everyone was in bed. There's another Black Friday ad out!! YAY!!! Office Max has their Black Friday Ad published over at, you can view the list and pricing here, or check out the PDF of the actual ad here. I'm overly excited about Black Friday and love when all the ads start coming out, I'm ready to SHOP TILL I DROP!!!!

Do you have any Black Friday Traditions? I don't yet I'm lucky if I can get out to shop I do most of my shopping online at the moment, hopefully as the girls get older we can have a tradition of our own. So share, what's your Black Friday tradition?

1 comment:

Sky said...

I have been a fan of for several years now. It's a great place!

I call Black Thursday the my favorite day of the the year. There is nothing better than getting up at 2 AM to get ready to shop. Knowing that I'm scoring some great deals and getting my Christmas lists knocked out. I grab a big cup of great coffee, blast the Christmas music and make a day out of it. Then, I sleep. :)