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Friday, October 23, 2009

Listerine Oral Care Challenge Blog Tour...

You’ve all heard about my teeth issues as of late. I had to have three wisdom teeth extracted and then had an infected molar so had to have that pulled out too. I do attribute my current oral problems to my dental phobia. I had a horrible dentist as a child, and have horrible memories of him and basically when I was on my own, not forced to see a dentist, I just didn’t!

I really don’t want it to be that way for my kids, I’m striving to make sure they are not afraid and have a great experience and take care of their teeth, I would hate to have them going through what I have to go through now. That’s why I was so happy to participate in the Listerine Oral Care Challenge.

With Halloween around the corner thoughts of decay from all that candy is a fear a lot of parents have, so now is a great time to teach our children about proper brushing and flossing. To help out with the candy frenzy, Listerine and Reach created the "October Oral Care Challenge" for kids 6 and older. To complete the challenge, you and your child have to brush, floss and rinse every day, twice a day for two weeks—a key step in building a strong foundation of good oral care habits.

We started doing this with our girls and they just love brushing and flossing (thank goodness) but with the addition of the Listerine Agent Cool Blue pre-brush rinse it makes it a little more fun. They love seeing the blue tint on their teeth and then brushing to get it all off before they’re done, this helps out so much to let them know they’ve done a great job.

Our Reach Flosser’s are also a great addition as it is so much easier than using regular floss to get in between those teeth and especially those all the way in the back, plus with little hands, it’s easier for them to handle.

The girls loved the challenge, they got stickers for brushing and flossing properly and it made it a much more enjoyable experience giving them rewards and praises instead of telling them they didn’t brush long enough or didn’t do it properly.

The Reach Flossers also help me and my hubby to floss a lot easier now as well, and the Listerine Mouth Wash keeps my teeth and mouth fresh feeling! I'm really big on oral hygiene now, with the stuff I have to go through because I didn't care before, I'm on my way to a healthier smile!

You can find out more about Listerine’s October Oral care Challenge and their products by visiting or

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Listerine and Reach and received Listerine and Reach products for the Oral Care Challenge and a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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