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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sick for the long weekend...

What a weekend. Our plans were to head up to Canada for the weekend and go camping. Those plans quickly changed and it’s amazing that we even ended up going at all.

On Friday my oldest went to school with what we thought was either a cold or allergies, not sure which it was. Well as time went on we found out it was indeed a cold, or something, but not allergies. We decided it was just the sniffles and some sneezing to head up to Canada and enjoy our long weekend anyways, but minus the camping since she was sick, we’d just stay with my parents.

She seemed better on Saturday so on Sunday we decided to head to Toronto and take the girls to the Canadian National Exhibition with my best friend, what a mistake that was. Although we had a good time and my oldest was feeling much better, my youngest and myself were not doing so hot. I felt horrible all day, slightly feverish, stuffed noise, sore throat and plugged ears. Thank goodness we decided to bring a stroller for my youngest as she had a nice nap in the afternoon. Lucky she was only stuffed up and she still had a blast.

We got to visit my parents new property while we were up there, lots of work to be done as it’s a fruit tree/animal farm that wasn’t taken care of very well, a lot of things to tear down, cut grass, drain ponds etc .etc., but it looks great and what an investment! The only issue while we were there that I didn’t think of…. Mosquitoes! My oldest was just getting over being sick and now here she is covered in mosquito bites, no big deal right? WRONG! She’s allergic to mosquito bites and they swell up like no tomorrow.

A day later, she wasn’t feeling well again so we held her back from school since she was up all night coughing, but not only that, this child had a swollen arm from one of her bites, I swear these bites swell up to the size of a golf ball sometimes larger on her arm and are red and hot and she doesn’t stop scratching them. Thank goodness for Benadryl, Benadryl spray, Afterbite and ice we finally got the itching to stop and her arm back to normal.

What a weekend! We’re not back to reality, I’m still fighting whatever this is so until I feel sane enough to write some comprehensive stuff around here, I’m off for another day and enjoying the ability to lie down and rest with my youngest while the other one is at school for a few more hours. Sweating this out seems to be my only option right now, I feel so ICKY!

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