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Friday, September 18, 2009

I've been unleashed!!!!

Well, I did it! I passed my written test! With a total of 40 questions I only got 5 wrong, and they were stupid questions at that. It’s so weird, the last time I wrote my written test it was well, written! This time it’s all computerized, so much easier!

They apparently have new ID cards in Ohio as well. My temporary permit ID card is a pretty pink color, I don’t wanna give that up! I love pink! But alas, at some point I’ll have to I guess.

Hubby was so excited to learn that I passed and threw me the keys right away and on the road I went. I’ll admit I’m still a bit nervous and won’t dare to attempt driving on the highway yet, but we’ll get there eventually. Funny thing was, I could have taken my road test right then and there, but I don’t feel that comfortable yet, I have a lot of road driving to do before I even attempt that, so there will be no moving companies Los Angeles driving or anything of the sorts anytime soon.

One thing I have to get rid of.... My old bad driving habits!! I already found myself leaning to the side, getting too comfortable driving and not having proper hand placement on the wheel, no one I know drives with their hands at 10 and 2 I know, but in order to pass that test I gotta get these old bad habits out of my system!

I do want to thank all my readers for their well wishes and all the emails I got from people who are in the same situation, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with the fears of driving, or the fears of the unknown that I have, hopefully I can just get over them sooner rather than later.

My next mission, finding the money to buy a car for myself, there’s no way once I have my full on driving license than we can survive with just one car that hubby takes to work every day. He works on the other side of the city and driving him to and from work isn’t something that’s practical.


bekki1820cb said...

Yea!!! Congratulations on getting your permit again! I don't live in Ohio...but you might have some luck checking Craigslist for a car. I know a few people here in NY that have found some good deals. You just have to find someone that you feel comfortable with and that is actually giving you a decent vehicle for a good price. Anyway...good luck!

littlepurpleroom said...

Thanks for the warning ! I'm in Ohio. hahaha

I have not driven since 1984. And I used to be a driving instructor.

Just remember, when you go out alone for the first time to a mall or someplace with a big parking lot, remember WHERE YOU PUT THE CAR !

The first time I went to the mall alone, I had to call my foster parents to come help me find the car, I was not used to having to remember as I always left this up to the driver. I was so embarrassed.

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Petula said...

I am really so very excited for you. I'm sure you'll be ready to drive on the highway very soon.

simply_unique said...

CONGRATS!! I am so happy for you now lets go on a road trip!! LOL