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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School Time!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock! That's what my head sounds like lately. I only have 14 more days until my oldest goes for her Kindergarten assessment and to meet her teacher for the first time.... And then only 6 more days after that, she's off to her first day of school.

I'm already a little irritated with things. First off uniforms are killing me! This child has grown again, needs new shoes but I can't find any decent looking shoes that are quality that are within her uniform standards, not only that but buying this kid new clothes to wear outside of school AS WELL as uniform items is breaking the bank, plus I have another child to clothe too who's grown since last season and needs new clothes as well.

School supplies, what are those? I'm trying to grab things that I think she'll need, but the school hasn't come out with a supply list yet. What?!?! Hello, I like to have things done and ready and not done last minute where I'm rushing around trying to get things for her. I've been told that the first day of school they'll have a list for me.... I'm not a happy camper at the moment.

I'm stubborn as it is, since I'm one who wanted to home school in the first place but have lost my battle with that. I'm annoyed at the fact that the school is going to try to have me purchase 'community items'. Yes I'm selfish, I'm watching out for my child, and my child alone, if I buy school supplies they're going to be for her and her only, if I have to label everything I have, I'll do it. It's bad enough that some of the supply lists I've peeked at while in the store ask for NAME BRAND items. I'm sorry but if I'm purchasing her supplies she's going to get what's cheap, works and I can afford for HER, not extra for the class or name brand items because it's called for it.

I am NOT looking forward to this assessment, the start date or any of this. Never mind the fact that I'm PMSing and school falls right into this great time for me.... I'm hoping my plans of having family/friends here for her on her first day don't fall through like it looks might happen. The support is needed....Mostly for ME!

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Jayne @ Misplaced City Girl said...

How are things going? One time my son raised more money than needed for a mission trip to Mexico. They took his extra money, without asking me, and bought "community" items like shovels and stuff to take and use. And then they became the church's. I was so so angry. And that was the last one he went on where he had to fund raise.