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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pocketville Fun for all...

Both of my girls love to play games on the computer and internet. They're also big fans of Puppy In My Pocket.

When we found Pocketville they couldn't be more thrilled about the online virtual world where they could play games, decorate their space and adopt some of their favorite 'In My Pocket' pets.

Although my girls are a little young to engage in meeting friends online they love the free fun games and activities they can do on Pocketville. Below I have a voucher code for free tokens in which you can adopt more pets, buy new items etc. Even without the voucher code though the tokens are a pretty fair price starting at only $3.00.

Pocketville is a fun creative virtual world where kids can be safe online to meet new friends and play fun games. If your kids are a fan of the 'pocket pets' like mine are they'd love to play with their new virtual pet in this virtual world.

If you or your kids are interested in playing in Pocketville here's a code where you can get 250 free Pocketville Tokens, just enter the Voucher Code: B9GX8NUDYS (exp. 9/30)

Visit and have some online fun with your kiddos.

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