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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Real Spring Water Needs No Label...

I ran across something pretty interesting in my mailbox this morning and thought it was worthy of a post. I myself am a big time bottled water drinker (that is until I received my ZeroWater Pitcher review to come) and didn’t don’t really think about my bottled water, it tastes good, and I assume it’s good for me…

American consumers tend to be thoughtful and discerning when it comes to purchasing decisions, yet when it comes to deciphering bottled water labels, things can get tricky. A little known fact about bottled water – if it has a nutrition label, it has undergone processing, additives, or worse – tainting the purity and quality of your drinking water. Pure spring water NEEDS no label.

Summit Spring, bottled water from one of the oldest and most revered natural free-flowing springs in North America, battles to stay afloat against industry giants and consumer misconceptions. “Just because there is a mountain on the label does not mean it comes from a spring,” Pullen points out.

Consumers expect to see nutrition facts and labels on all of their products, so when industry giants such as Aquafina, Dasani and Smart Water, market their “purified well water” as water from a spring, it is very easy to mislead consumers. However…..

“If it’s supposed to be water and it has a nutrition label… Don’t drink it, because it probably isn’t water anymore.” – Bryan Pullen, President of Summit Spring.
1. Where does bottled 'water' come from? Some bottled water comes from natural spring sources and some bottled water comes from municipal sources like tap water. Some may also come from wells; artesian or non-artesian. It is therefore very important to carefully read the label of the bottle to determine its source.

2. The labels on these bottled waters show the consumer what's been added...I assume the additives are to "purify" them? No. Usually the additives are to give the water some flavor because the water has been heavily treated and everything has been removed, including beneficial minerals which also give water its flavor. Without adding back things like calcium, magnesium, sodium etc, no one would drink the water because it would taste terrible.

3. I have always found bottled water to taste different. Is this why? The term “bottled water” is too far reaching to determine why a certain one tastes different from another. Some bottled waters taste great and some taste terrible. The source of the water is what is important and whether or not it has been treated.

4. What makes your water different? Our water is different because it is from a single age old natural spring source, bubbles to the surface naturally, and is gravity fed to a bottling facility right next door. It is bottled as it comes from the ground without treatment and is therefore blessed with a perfect balance of nutrients and purified by Mother Nature. We do not treat the water or add anything to it and this is the primary reason our water is not required to have a nutrition label on the bottle. (One of a precious few)

5. How is your water guaranteed pure? It is pure because we control the source itself and gather the water straight from this source. Almost all natural ground water is pure as it exits the ground. Surface water supplies (lakes, rivers & streams) are prone to contamination by man’s influence on this earth. We also continuously test our water to provide assurance of its quality.
6. Do you test your water for purity? Absolutely, and those test results are always available on our website.

7. Is there a noticeable taste difference in your 'Summit Spring' product? Yes. Try some and you’ll see and can decide for yourself. Taste tests with our water always yield some amazing results compared to our competitors.
8. Where does your water come from? Our water comes from one source only; Summit Spring, one of the oldest natural spring sources known to exist in North America.

9. So you don't have a nutrition label on your water? There are very narrow exemption criteria set by the FDA labeling standards which allow us to not attach a nutrition label. We qualify for this exemption. When you bottle a natural product like water in its natural form without treatment and without adding anything to it; it doesn’t require a nutrition label.

10. Do you think people will notice the difference or be concerned that there isn't a label present? Unfortunately, people do not pay enough attention to product labels. I wish they would. I wish people would wonder why it doesn’t have a nutrition label and then do some research to find out why. Then they would discover Summit Spring water is a superior product.

11. What about quality of water and children? Especially in children, during the developmental years, it is imperative for them to consume and ingest healthy products. Even small amounts of modern contaminants can have very bad results. Water is the most essential ingredient to human existence, after air. You drink water in one form or another all day-every day. The water you drink becomes your blood in a very short period of time. Anything in that water goes along for the ride as well. Pure, natural spring water will go a long ways towards maintaining good health and well being. The younger you realize the benefits of proper hydration, the better off you will be. One of the most difficult things to deal with in pre-teen years is acne. Proper hydration will minimize or eliminate these issues. Beautiful skin and a healthy body start from the inside.

Interesting….Do you drink bottled water, tap water, or filtered water at home?

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